Welcome to Social Wrapping

The intelligent social media listening tool

A powerful social media listening tool that allows you to track what people are saying online about companies, brands, products, services & events. Simply add the search terms you're interested in, similar to how you'd use a search engine such as Google & we'll collect the data for you. We then deliver it to you via a dashboard with neat graphs & charts so you can easily see what people are saying, who the most popular people are, what content they are sharing & which channels are resonating best with your audience. Valuable for highlighting influencers, new customers & the best content & channels to communicate with them. See how it works.

View a demo

Have a look at our demo, where you can have access to the dashboards of some sample campaigns we're running around things of interest at the moment. Once you're done, click logout in the top right corner to return here.

How much is it?

We have no sign-up or licence fees and no contracts. We simply charge for each day you have a campaign running with us. The more you use Social Wrapping, the more discount on the daily rates you'll receive. Our daily rates start from less than £40 per day with additional discounts applied based on your level of usage.


Register with us and get started today! It takes 5 minutes to get started and you'll see initial data within around 10 minutes of starting your campaign.

What's next?

This is just the start – we’re passionate about what we do & have an exciting development road-map planned, with a host of new sites, clever tools & exciting features coming soon, so bear with us, watch this space & please feel free to let us know what you think. To keep up to date with what we're working on and where we're going, have a look at our blog at https://www.chatteringmonkey.co.uk/blog.