Social Wrapping

How it works

1. Register with us

Fill out our simple registration form. We don't ask for any details we don't need and we don't pass your details onto anyone else.

You'll receive an email asking you to confirm your registration.

Click on the link and you're all registered and ready to go!

2. Create your first campaign

Select which social media channels you'd like to monitor and decide on your search terms. Search terms can be different for each channel and you can ask us to exclude posts with certain keywords as well to narrow your search. Decide when you want the campaign to start and finish; it can start in the future.

We charge by the length of your campaign. Your first campaign will be charged at £39.29 per day. Once you've run 14 day's worth of campaigns the price will drop to £32.15 per day. Further reductions are automatically applied as you use the system more, to a minimum daily rate of £21.43. The price of your campaign is displayed as you edit it.

3. Activate your campaign

Once you've decided on your campaign details, you're almost ready to go! Just enter your credit or debit card details, along with the billing address and your email address. All payments are handled by Stripe; none of your card or billing details will be available to us.

4. Congratulations!

Your campaign is now active! If you chose to start it immediately, you will be able to view initial data after around 10 minutes in your dashboard.

You can also edit the campaign search terms, download data and view your receipt.

5. View your data

Your dashboard will show you the results of your campaign. You can see the number of posts matching your search terms by social media channel, a breakdown of each channel by search term along with sentiment and language analysis of the posts.

You can also view the top 50 posts per channel with links to the original posts along with word clouds for each of the search terms you provided.

6. Use the data

This bit's really up to you!

To help, you can download the raw data from the campaign page in Excel format allowing it to be imported into your current systems or further analysed.

You can use the data for

  • Monitoring your own business
  • Competitor intelligence
  • Identifying Influencers & Brand Ambassadors
  • Monitoring product feedback
  • NPD & innovation
  • Improving customer service & support
  • Enhancing content marketing
  • Event tracking
  • New customer & lead generation
  • Positioning thought leadership
  • Public relations
  • Measuring advertising effectiveness
  • Public consultations
  • Media planning & buying